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We supply all major brands of tyres to suit everyone's individual needs in terms of quality and cost. We have recently invested in brand new tyre technology, enabling our turn around times to be quicker and more efficient than ever.


We offer a FREE tyre inspection, and will always provide you with an honest assessment on the condition of your tyres. If you only need two tyres instead of the three you thought you did, we'll tell you!! We can then discuss the options and ensure we find the right tyre to suit your needs.


If there is a specific brand or size that we don't currently have in stock, we can source and have it delivered for you on the same or next day.






If you are unfortunate to get a puncture, it's important that you limit any travel while the tyre is low on pressure. If possible, change it with your spare, or stop at a garage or service station and inflate the tyre to its correct pressure.


This will help minimise any run-on-flat damage to the tyre, thereby giving ourselves a better chance to repair it for you (rather than replace).


Once the tyre has been repaired for you, we recommend checking its pressure within 48 hours to ensure the repair has been successful.


Correct wheel alignment ensures your tyres are in line with the manufacturers' settings, thereby reducing uneven tyre wear.


We provide both two-wheel laser alignment as well as computerised four-wheel alignment (recommened if there is adjustment on the rear axle of the vehicle).


It should be apparent from the initial inspection of the tyres whether it is necessary to check the wheel alignment. If a tyre is found to be heavily worn on either shoulder, then it is likely that an adjustment to the geometry of the car will be required.


We also supply and fit exhausts for all makes and models of vehicle.


We use quality manufactured parts that ensure a great fit, great performance and they're all at a fantastic price! All of our exhausts come with a 2 year guarantee, so you know that you are buying a quality product that you can rely on.


We also offer a REPAIR SERVICE; we can in some circumstances weld repair exhaust parts, which helps to get you back on the road while at the same time save you money.


Our vast supplier network enables us to source any parts we need on the same day, so we should be able to have you on the road again in no time! 


This is a Diesel Particulate Filter or 'DPF'.

It is fitted to modern diesel cars (from 2009) and is designed to stop potentially harmful particulate matter or soot produced by diesel engines being released into the atmosphere. The DPF technology is designed to clean and clear itself (or self 'regenerate') which is is often achieved when driving on motorways or faster 'A Roads'.


THEY CAN HOWEVER BE A MASSIVE PROBLEM for drivers if the nature of their journeys does not allow the exhaust temperature to reach a high enough level that enables the soot particles to be burnt off and the DPF cleared or 'regenerated'. This can result in the DPF becoming blocked which in many occasions, results in expensive repairs.

If your car is fitted with a DPF and your typical journey includes sitting in traffic or shorter start/stop trips, there is a good chance that this issue will affect you. We would encourage you to where possible, use the car on longer journeys to give the system every chance to regenerate itself and burn off and clear the soot or carbon than can cause the problem. And if you have a warning light on, DO NOT IGNORE it as it can make the issue more difficult and costly to address.

If you have any queries or concerns about this, please feel free to get in touch.

A closer look at Davanti

and why they are a great choice for you

             WHY BUY PREMIUM?


Choosing a premium brand tyre such as Bridgestone, Firestone, Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin or Pirelli should give you all round better tyre performance.


This translates to improved grip when cornering or braking on wet/icy surfaces; better fuel economy due to reduced road resistance; and increased mileage return.


Testing has proven that braking distances are considerably shorter when a car has been fitted with premium branded tyres compared to one when fitted with budget tyres.


We understand that cost is important, so we will always keep our prices as low as possible. Next time you're buying new tyres, ask about premium brand tyres & you might be surprised!

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